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Underdog Crew Studios provides a safe and nurturing space for marginalised young adults to find inspiration, motivation and a place to belong. Providing free meals, creative education, support, guidance and a route towards an empowered adulthood laden with ambition and hope.

Our current funding comprises multiple grants from: COMMUNITY 360, ESSEX COUNTY COUNCIL ARTS & CULTURAL FUND, ANGLIAN COMMUNITY TRUST, ACTIVE ESSEX and NATIONAL LOTTERY AWARDS FOR ALL. The search for regular grants to assist with ongoing core costs and project specific grants is ongoing via our committed team.  

We are currently seeking sponsors and ambassadors for our core 2024/2025 'Life Unplugged' events; an essential wellbeing and empowerment initiative aimed at reducing 'digital separation anxiety' and online addiction in young adults. 

We are currently gathering brand sponsors to provide logistical and infrastructure support, alongside our grant funding from Active Essex, in our ambition to create a partnership legacy event that will grow year on year to become a major national wilderness event by 2027.


Our next organisational milestone is aiming to move into our permanent studio base - a purpose built youth community film studio and rural creative hub where we can enhance our educational and project delivery to the wider Colchester city area - in 2026.

Please feel free to email DB Morgan directly: or call on 07498 606258


Underdog Crew core projects and activities

#UCSlearn - Weekly 'Studio School'


STEM EDUCATION with our in-studio tutor, Sasha Halls. One-on-one knowledge mentoring in small studio school groups. Reconnecting teenagers with the importance, and possible enjoyment, of education. Specific focus on young adults between the ages of thirteen and sixteen who have fallen out of the education system or struggling to cope with mainstream schooling.

MUSIC WORKSHOPS with our in-studio music tutor, CJ. Core emphasis on guitars, keyboards and drums.

COOKING WORKSHOPS with our culinary tutor, Laura Morgan. Promoting healthy eating & cooking on a budget, Street food, Sausage making, Pizza from scratch, Burrito factory and more. ** Backwoods cooking skills (outdoor) 

Jake's Story

Luka's Story

Underdog Crew core activities continued... continued...

#UCSlearn - Creative Education




Creative writing

Electronic music production
Drumming workshops 
Dance workshops with Brianna Nolan
Model and prop making
SFX makeup workshops
Screen and Lino printing for clothing 
Acting & Screen combat 
Photo editing and digital manipulation

Stop motion animation 

#UCS Activity Partner

Knife & Axe throwing

Rage Room

Martial Arts & Boxing training

Tuesday After School  Club

#UCS Activity Partner

Carp Fishing

Rural wellbeing

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Underdog Crew core activities continued... continued...



150" 4k projection and Dolby Atmos Gaming

(Xbox X / PS3 / Nintendo Switch / Retro)

Movies, Pool, ‘Fusbal’, basketball, Nerf wars and TAG Games 



Promoting family time and the importance of eating together and open discussion. CANTEEN MUMS: Family members joining in sessions to strengthen shared experiences.


Treasure hunt in the dark 
Share or Dare - with Sweet or s#@t Russian roulette 
Drum & Bass musical statues 
A to Z prize memory games 



Empowerment Mentorship 
Safeguarding support a
nd signposting

CV and reference writing

In-studio work experience

Interview preparation 
Youth counselling


** Project Delivery once extra space is available. 

Backwoods cooking skills (outdoor) 
Bush & 
Campcraft: including shelter building, spoon carving, fire making & wild cooking. 

Please feel free to email DB Morgan directly: or call on 07498 606258

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