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Underdog Crew Studios provides a safe and nurturing space for marginalised young adults to find inspiration, motivation and a place to belong. Providing free meals, creative education, support, guidance and a route towards an empowered adulthood laden with ambition and hope.


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#UCSlearn - Weekly 'Studio School' (£25 per SESSION) 


CORE EDUCATION with our in-studio tutor, Sasha Halls. One-on-one knowledge mentoring in small studio school groups. Reconnecting teenagers with the importance, and possible enjoyment, of education. Specific focus on young adults in key stages 3 and 4 who have fallen out of the education system, struggling to cope with mainstream schooling or are home schooled. Our focus is to prepare our students for the next step on their journey towards GCSE's, further education or providing core functional skills. 

Study Group


"We believe that true strength lies in our differences, not in our similarities."


That's why we are dedicated to creating an inclusive learning and mentoring environment. We understand that children with Autism, ADHD, and other learning difficulties thrive when they are in an environment that supports their unique needs. That's why we have carefully crafted our space to reduce triggers such as bright lights, loud sounds, and extreme temperatures. We also recognize the importance of modeling, reinforcing, and rewarding positive behaviors.


Our team encourages brain breaks and always allows fidget toys. We nurture individual abilities and interests. This not only boosts self-esteem, but also creates a positive learning environment. But our support doesn't stop there. Our staff members have a deep understanding of conditions such as autism, ADHD, sleep disorders, ARFID, PDA, delayed development, and speech disorders. We use a range of strategies, from self-management techniques to social groups and skills training, to help our members develop their social skills.

At Underdog Crew Studios, we are dedicated to empowering and uplifting every individual, regardless of their differences. Join us on our journey towards inclusivity and growth.

Hi There...

My name is Sasha Halls

That's me. NO... the one on the left! And as you can see, I take myself extremely seriously!  

I have been a teacher for 26 years and been lucky enough to fulfil roles such as: a Literacy Adviser with Essex County Council, a Deputy Headteacher, a Teacher Governor, a Spelling Specialist, a trainee teacher mentor and a childminder... but my most loved position is as a teacher. I am trained in SEN, have worked as a SENCO and supported many families through the process of specialist provision throughout my career to date. Our tutoring model utilises our own bespoke methods - methods designed to support and encourage, not destroy confidence as many traditional teaching templates do. The heart of our education is the heart of your child. 

The Underdog Crew Studios 'studio school' was such an exciting opportunity to become involved with, develop and evolve.  As the de facto 'Principal' I'm so excited to see where we can take our journey to re-engage the disenfranchised, re-empower the lost and re-spark the curiosity of many students who have fallen through the cracks of mainstream education through no fault of their own.

Welcome to #UCSlearn

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Roast Beef 





Ask a fish to climb a tree  and
it will believe it is a failure. 




Having my band played on 'BBC Introducing'!

Workshop bolt-on modules start at £15 per session

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Alongside our core English and Maths education, Underdog Crew Studios provide a range of additional educational workshops and courses designed to open our student's minds to the world and encourage disconnection from the online world and the 'safety' of the mobile phone. All additional workshops and modules are guided by professional and enhanced DBS certificated tutors who understand the complexities of neuro diversity and the different learning speeds and patterns of the individual. We encourage parental participation in our projects as we know the benefits of this to encourage conversation around shared experiences and conversational launchpads. 

UCS LEARN 67kb.png

CORE PICK AND MIX activities

COOKING WORKSHOPS with our culinary tutor, Laura Morgan. Promoting healthy eating & cooking on a budget, Street food, Sausage making, Pizza from scratch, Burrito factory and more. ** Backwoods cooking skills (outdoor) 


MUSIC WORKSHOPS with our in-studio music tutor, CJ. Core emphasis on guitars, keyboards and drums.

DRUMMING CIRCLE  Theraputic wellbeing and mindfulness rhythmic drumming workshops.

Underdog Crew PICK AND MIX activity service menu.

#UCSlearn - Creative Education




Creative writing

Electronic music production
mming workshops 
Dance workshops with Brianna Nolan
Model and prop making
SFX makeup workshops
Screen and Lino printing for clothing 
Acting & Screen combat 
Photo editing and digital manipulation

Stop motion animation 

#UCS Activity Partner

Knife & Axe throwing

Rage Room

Martial Arts & Boxing training

Tuesday After School  Club

#UCS Activity Partner

Carp Fishing

Rural wellbeing

Bushcraft  & Survival : including shelter building, spoon carving, fire making & wild cooking. 

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