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Written & Directed by DB Morgan 

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“Bruxo dazzled the audience with a mesmerising display of psychic ability and clairvoyancy. The next Derek Acorah? Watch this space.”

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“Bruxo, AKA Mervyn Potts, is a tragic character. A failing stage clairvoyant, hanging onto the tatters of minor celebrity as the world around him crumbles. Haunted by a glittering career cruelly passed by and a failing marriage to the ‘sexiest woman on earth’, in-house psychic at Lowestoft’s Sunny Sands holiday park, Mervyn receives an unwanted gift when he offends a gypsy necromancer with his on-stage antics. 


Freshly cursed with true abilities to link to the ’other side’ Mervyn begins shooting up the ranks of celebrity clairvoyant stardom, suddenly finding the fame he always dreamed of… whilst also becoming a reluctant conduit for the undead, where he must use his new gifts to bring peace to the restless dead or become consumed by their wrath.”


Join Bruxo, ex-pornstar wife Anna-Lee and his embittered boss, ex-Coronation Street superstar, Bruce Jones, as one bad night at the office sends their lives spiralling into the nether-realm. 


Breakfast show with WAYNE BAVIN

Talks Bruxo with creator, DB Morgan

00:00 / 09:19

Locations - East Suffolk Coast


Like the best modern sitcoms: from The Office, to Stella, Max & Paddy, Alan Partridge, This Country, Gavin and Stacey and many more... Bruxo grounds us in a unique British region and heralds the surrounding areas, landmarks, language, businesses and people.


With its stunning coastal villages and picture postcard scenery, the south east coast of East Suffolk is a wonderful sandbox.   


EPISODE #1 - Featuring Aldeburgh

Showcasing the charm of this delightful seaside town. Featuring, and performing in, the historic Jubilee Hall theatre. Showcasing the RNLI building, streets and seafront. 

‘The Great Bruxo Burvis’

Behind the curtain


Like the very best ‘Dramady’/Sitcom - including Extras, Peep Show, The Office, This Country, Curb your Enthusiasm and more - Bruxo focusses on the ineptitude of the individual and resulting humour from an acute lack of self awareness and characters with multiple flaws. Add in regular poor choices and the continuation of standing by them when things are going terribly wrong, these uncomfortable cringe-worthy moments, when handled well, often lead to comedy gold.


Mervyn Potts, AKA Bruxo Burvis, at face value, is a chancer. A fake clairvoyant who uses his skills to hoodwink the vulnerable. Aided onstage by his long suffering wife, Anna-Lee, an ex glamour model. He promised her Vegas and gave her the glittering lights of Great Yarmouth.


Clearly out of his league, Bruxo spends his days wracked with paranoia that she will soon leave.  As a result of this insecurity he forgives her many infilidelites, virtually self hypnotising to block them out. 


As a failed stage hypnotist, and general entertainer, Bruxo’s final platform is Entertainment Manager at Sunny Sands holiday park in Lowestoft.  Governed by ex 'Coronation Street' actor, Bruce Jones, who shares the same disillusion to his career trajectory and spends his days telling anyone who will listen of his tribulations as ‘Les Battersby off Corrie’.


There is a sadness and childlike charm to Bruxo. He genuinely believes he is offering peace to those in need. With his mother on her death bed, Mervyn Potts invented the ‘Great Bruxo Burvis’, his clairvoyant alter ego, to being her peace as began her final journey to the other side. This act of love became a village rumour, then a whisper, to a house call or two… and then a stage debut, where he met the love of his life and then, like things often do, the lie became the reality. 


We enter Bruxo’s world on the day of a road trip performance to Aldeburgh for ‘an evening with the Great Bruxo Burvis’. Merv’s not exactly in the mood and, tired of the mundanity of his life, he offends a mysterious gypsy necromancer, who takes offence at his lack of spiritual tact.


Freshly ‘cursed’ with a rather temperamental window to the other side, after succumbing to the terror of his newfound abilities, Bruxo takes his new found skills on the road and blows away the opposition at a local psychic night, firmly re-establishing himself as the next big thing. Following this rare night of adulation, Bruxo realises there’s worse things in life than crippling depression and marital cuckoldry, and the gift of a gypsy curse may just turn out to be his greatest ever gift. 


With the chance to rebuild his life, career and confidence, the resurrection of the great Bruxo Burvis begins! Mervyn takes one more stab at stardom, and the chance to finally regain the respect of his one true love.

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“Bruxo dazzled the audience with a mesmerising display of psychic ability

and clairvoyancy. The next Derek Acorah? Watch this space.”


Washed-up! Local psychic found naked on beach after marriage breakdown. 

“I just didn’t see it coming!”

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Bruce Jones as 'Himself'
Dean Kilbey as 'Merv Potts' (AKA 'the great Bruxo Burvis') 
Alison Carroll as 'Anna-Lee Potts'
Frances Broudie-Oldridge as 'the Gypsy'
Sean Earl-Mcpherson as 'Shergar Jones'
Mike Rushforth as 'Stumpy' 

Paul Danan as 'Himself'
Amber Doig Thorne as 'Dita Potts'
Dani Thompson as 'Courtney Constantine'

Director/Writer - DB Morgan
Director of Photography - Colin Tofts
2nd Unit D-O-P/Director - Toby Roberts

Editor - Daryl Peach
Production Designer - Joseph Allison
Production Manager - Li Green
Hospitality Exec - Laura Jane Morgan
Production Accountant - Andrew Lehva

Runners - 'The Underdog Crew'

Laura Jane Morgan
Dominic Beresford-

David Brady

DB Morgan
Dean Kilbey
Alison Carroll
Andrew Lehva
Colin Tofts
Joseph Allison


All Enquiries

Dominic Beresford-Morgan



Megalodon Studios Ltd

07950 593982

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